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3 Essential Keys To Becoming A Magnetic Networking Force That Attracts Business Partners Like Moths To A Flame | AskJohnChatman.com
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Becoming a more magnetic person can do absolute wonders for your life. It magnetic networkercan lead to greater opportunities in the workplace, it can help you develop the strongest friendships in the world, it can make you absolutely irresistible to the opposite sex…

And yes… it can quite literally stuff handfuls of cold hard cash into your pocket on a daily basis.

So then the question that needs answering is…

How Do You Become A More Magnetic Force?

So now that we are clear on just some of the benefits that you stand to gain by becoming a more attractive person let’s get into the “how to” of the matter:

1. Become More Than What You Are Today.
Aren’t you attracted to people who seem like they are always on the ball?

When you think of a particularly magnetic person don’t you automatically feel that this person is “going somewhere” in life?

Why do you think that is?

Well, I can tell you one of the reasons you feel this way is because this magnetic person has taken time to focus on and develop themselves.

They have performed the daily action steps that will naturally grow them as a person. These actions steps might include reading empowering literature for a minimum of 30 minutes, listening to uplifting and educational audios, and disciplining themselves to take action every day in their business.

2. Be Yourself
This rule right here is often times the hardest one for people to implement because it plays into their insecurities that have been built up over a lifetime of negative self talk.

Are you a nerd? I am. No, really… I actually am…. hahahaha.. and guess what?

I am cool with that.

I like Star Wars.. dig on Yoda and anything that has to do with The Force.

My beautiful honey tells me all the time what a nerd I am too… which is sorta sexy.

My point here is that whether you are a nerd that really digs on Star Wars or you are an audiophile that has a music collection to die for the key is to just be YOURSELF.

You see the thing is that not everyone is going to like you or what you are into.
As a matter of fact… you will have more people dislike you then dig who you are and you have to be cool with that.

You can’t let other’s opinion of you color the opinion that you hold for yourself.

You have to realize that there are millions of people who are looking to create success online.If you just connect with a small percentage of them who dig YOU for who you are and what you represent then success is guaranteed…. and you will be doing it YOUR WAY.

3. Promote Positivity
Have you ever been around a person that whines about the economy? Always moaning about how crappy the government is and how people are out to keep them down?

They seem to be in a perpetual struggle with life right?

Well let me tell you something that I am sure you already know…. people AVOID these types of cats like the plague.

You have to realize that most folks have enough crap to deal with in their own lives and they don’t want to be around anyone who is bringing their issues to the conversation.

What people DO want to be around are leaders.

People want to believe that their tomorrow is going to be better than their today was.

They want to have faith in the intrinsic good that is within the soul of man.
They want to believe that you can help them improve their position in life.

Sow seeds of prosperity throughout your day with uplifting and positive encouragement.

Show folks that you are a person they can count on with not only your words but your ACTIONS as well.

Consistency breeds success.

The Magic Is In The Doing

So there you have it… 3 keys to creating a massively successful online marketing business. What you will do with the knowledge you have just gained is entirely up to you…. but the gift has been given.

There are two types of people in this world… those who take action and those who don’t.

Action Takers dictate the direction of the world.
Everyone else is just along for the ride.

Which one are you?

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