These 6 Steps To Network Marketing Success can make a significant difference in your life if you choose to implement them on a diligent consistent basis. They were derived from the teachings of one of my mentors by the name of Bill Bartmann who happens to be the 25th wealthiest person in America so please make sure you pay close to attention to them since they are without a doubt one of the pillars of not only success in network marketing but in fact success in life itself.

One of the truly fascinating things about these steps is that they don’t require you to purchase anything nor do they require you to attend a costly seminar to obtain them. They are in fact within your grasp right now and more than likely in some measure you have used them without being cognizant of doing so.

Without any further adieu here are the 6 Steps To Network Marketing Success presented in both written & video format for my hearing impaired friends and with more extensive development by myself in video:

1. Learn how to think BIG:
I am often amazed at how many people sell themselves short in life and in business. You can achieve anything that you want in life if you are willing to pay the price for it. Why not shoot for the stars?

I hear it in the voices of so many people that I speak to on a daily basis that seem to have settled for something less out of life. Like they don’t deserve to be financially independent or travel the world via 1st class accommodations.

2. You need to believe in yourself:
Guess what? There is only one shot at making it big in this life and your living it right now. If you don’t believe in yourself who will? All success in network marketing first starts with that little grain of faith that maybe just maybe this industry can work for me too.

3. Share the vision:
There are so many opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations all around us every day with folks who truly want to help us succeed. It is our responsibility to ourselves and our families to make sure that we are sharing what it is that we want since these same individuals do not have ESP.

4. Execute the plan:
Bottom line is that the best laid plans are useless unless you get up off your butt and hustle. There are plenty of dreamers out there who are building empires in their minds with no real world results. Don’t be one of those people.

5. You have to focus:
There is no top level marketer in this industry who is of any significance that did not focus all of their energies into one goal & one company. Because there are so many tempting ways to take your business focus is truly essential to creating true success.

6. Never Give Up:
In life and most particularly this industry you will run into things that you do not expect. You will experience the ups, downs, and everything in between but as long you remain diligent in the development of your skills and the application of what you have learned success is not only likely it is guaranteed.

The really great part about this formula to success is that each and every step is entirely up to you. If you really want to experience the life of your dreams, travel the world, achieve financial independence or just bring your spouse home to stay with the family then guess what? It is entirely up to you.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that if you don’t know the MLM Prosperity Secret your probably going to end up spinning your wheels without getting to where you would like to go.

To Your Massive Success,