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Are Rich People Evil? What was the first thought that came to mind when you Are rich people evil?read that question… be honest.. no one else is going to know except the most important person.. You.

When I was a kid I remember how uncomfortable I was whenever the subject of wealth creation was brought up within my family.

It’s really not surprising taking into account that my father literally worked from morning to night first at the lumber mill and then off to do sidejobs as an unlicensed contractor.

I remember having a conversation with him about something to do with money and his response was that we should be grateful for every little bit that people gave us in return for the work that we put out.

That was when I knew that he and I didn’t see eye to eye on the subject of financial stewardship and business since I believed in setting my pay arrangements before the job was even started.

This brings to mind some other thoughts on how misguided money beliefs are actually holding people back from creating true network marketing success.

In this video I touch on that issue and give you some instruction on what you can do to get past any programming that does not serve you:

So as you see from the video training there is a way to change your misguided beliefs that right people are evil.

As a matter of fact in my own personal experience it is quite the opposite in that wealthy people tend to be able to give more of themselves in both time and finances towards worthy causes.

If you are in a position where you are seeking to break free from self limiting beliefs about what is and what is not possible in your network marketing journey……

…… where you understand that your income is a direct reflection of your 5 closest friends….

…………. where you can see that there is a very specific plan of action in place to get you from where you currently are to whatever level of income and freedom you want to experience in life….

If… this… is… where.. you …. are… at… today

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