There is a point in most folks life that they come to a realization that they arehow to change your life not where they thought they would be at this stage of the game and they have a crossroads to face…

They can continue down the same path they are currently on…

And keep achieving the same results…
…… or lack thereof…


You can ask yourself these 4 Simple Questions… and allow the power they possess to transform your life into the experience you always dreamed it could be.

The 4 Questions That Could Change Your Destiny

The First Question is: Why? Ask yourself why should you work this hard? Why should you run that extra mile? Why should you pick up that next skill? Why should you read the next self development book? Why should you be concerned with others? Why should you stay up late working on your dream? Why should you undertake the daily disciplines that will produce more in your life….

The 2nd Question is: Why Not? Why not put in a level of work, effort, and dedication that will see you achieve all the goals you have set for yourself in life. Why not give it all you have and then 10% more? What do you have to lose? Why not play all out and go for broke? Why not see just how far you can go in life? Why not?

The 3rd Question is: Why not me? Why shouldn’t all of the wonderful things in life happen to me? Why shouldn’t I be the person whose life others dream about? Why shouldn’t I be the person that can stand up and say “Here, look at my story. I did it. What’s stopping you?” Why shouldn’t I be a beacon of light for others to look towards? Why shouldn’t I be the one to inspire, motivate, and lead an army of positive focused individuals into making a positive impact in the world? Why not me?

The 4th and final question is: Why not now? Why shouldn’t you take life by the horns and ride it like a raging bull in a rodeo? Why shouldn’t you take today as the opportunity you need to make a positive impact in someone else’s life? Why shouldn’t you take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself right this very moment? Why should you live the life of your dreams starting right now?

Questions To Ponder

When you read this post I want you to take the time out to REALLY consider the points made above since they hold the keys to an incredible future or more of the same.

You can begin living the life you have always dreamed of starting this very second if you reach a DECISION and take action upon that decision.

To help you internalize these questions please review this video by one of my greatest mentors Jim Rohn as he gives you them in their original format:

Today Is Your Day

If you are ready to start winning…

to start living out loud…
to stop making excuses as to why you can’t go on vacation this year…
to stop living under another man’s thumb and begin living life


Then I invite you to step up to the plate….
and put your ego to the side… and learn how to..
once and for all….

Discover Your Why

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