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haters gonna hateHave you ever heard that saying “Haters Gonna Hate”? Well I have and quite truthfully it makes me laugh when I think about how some folks spend more time and energy disliking what others are doing in their business then they do taking action and building their own.

The thing about it is that you will always come across haters in your journey to success. Unfortunately the masses of people are not taught to create lives of inspiration and instead wallow in mediocrity until they grow old and die having lived an absolutely underwhelming life.

Have You Had Hater Tendencies In Your Past?

Before I get into the answer on how to solve this I have a confession to make:

I have had hater tendencies in the past.

Hahaha…. there, I said it.

Crazy but true… you see when I was first got started in home based business and for my first couple of years I literally COULD NOT sponsor a person to save my life.

What makes it even worse is that the guy who sponsored me was and still is an absolute superstar. Here was a cat who could go out and make $80k over a weekend (big ticket direct sales company that is now defunct)… where I on the other hand spent an entire year with that company and never made a dime!

I am not too proud to say that there were at times feelings that could definitely be classified as having massive haterish qualities to them directed at my sponsor.

I can still feel some of the pain and heartache when I think about that experience but quite truthfully it has been a blessing in my life since it allows me to empathize with folks who are currently having a tough time getting their business off the ground.

So What’s The Solution To Mediocrity?

So now the question remains that if you are currently experiencing or know someone else who is dealing with these unhealthy feelings how do you get rid of them and replace them with an empowering attitude?

The answer lies in your MINDSET.

I have found that by focusing on a daily basis to develop a more powerful Haters gonna hatemindset that is based upon prosperity consciousness it has allowed me to open up my energies and receive more of the many blessings that the universe has to offer.

Now I know that for some of you the first reaction you are going to have is that this is just b.s. and garbage but please hear me out…

By focusing on personal development and cultivating a stronger mindset it has allowed me to become more attractive as a leader to others.

When we take the focus off of what we don’t have and instead put it on what we do have it shifts our energy to reflect a state of gratitude.

By internalizing this state we attract the energy that will continue to magnify this feeling. So by being grateful for the success of others we empower the universe to bring into our existence that which we can be even more grateful for.

The more we can focus on feeling grateful and happy within our life we realize that any self limiting beliefs are simply that… a self limiting belief.

We don’t have to continue believing them if we don’t want to.

As a matter of fact I created a step by step post by which I detail the process I have taken to transform my personal mindset and attract success into my life.

You can find the post here:

How To Absolutely Crush Any Self Limiting Beliefs

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