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How To Absolutely Crush Any Self Limiting Beliefs & Create More Success Than You Have Ever Dreamed Possible In Your Life | AskJohnChatman.com
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It is said that one’s greatest enemy in life is himself. There is no one in the world self limiting beliefsthat can have a greater impact on the success you manifest in your life than you…
Not your parents…
Not your spouse…
Not even your mentor…
The beliefs that you hold about yourself are all powerful.
They can create massive success and produce untold riches…
Or they can have you living on skid row beneath the bridge..

A Power Mantra

There is a mantra that I learned from one of my mentors Anthony Robbins which I repeat from time to time throughout my day

All I Need Is Within Me Now

You may think that is not true but just suspend your disbelief long enough to consider the source of this quotation.

Here’s a guy who went from being a depressed overweight young adult to becoming someone who has inspired millions and has created a personal fortune in excess of $400 Million.

So the question then becomes if everything you need to create success is already within you why haven’t you achieved the level of personal, financial, and spiritual prosperity you want in life??

The Answer

The answer to this question actually lies in the self image that you hold in your mind to be true. You see everyone of us has a certain set of beliefs about what we are capable of in life.

For some they believe that they can only earn money through a job..
For others they believe that it is very hard to make friends..
Some folks believe that making money online is difficult
Still others believe that it is impossible to lose weight.

The most interesting point of all of these beliefs is that they are all 100% true.

WHAT???? How can this be true when I just said that all I needed was within me now??

These beliefs are true…..

No other reason on earth makes them true… except that you choose to believe them to be so.

Just as the following beliefs are true:

I am happy
I am free
People love being around me
Money flows easily and naturally to me on a daily basis
It is easy to make money
I am a great dad to my kids
I am a great spouse to my mate


Why?? Because I believe them to be so….
AND….. I Take Action Upon Them.

The $1,000,0000 Question

So How To Change Your Belief Structure?

Now that we understand that what we believe is true….
No matter what the belief is…..

If we currently hold self limiting beliefs how do we change them???
We change these beliefs through action.. and REPETITION.

Our subconscious mind does not make decisions… it is a machine that only accepts input.

If you go throughout your day telling yourself that you aren’t a good speller..
……………….Guess what?? You won’t be a good speller.

If you hold the belief that making money online is hard…
………… making money online WILL be hard for you.

This is why it is incredibly important that you only speak that which you desire into existence.

Don’t go around speaking thoughts of lack…

Don’t repeat any self limiting belief… instead say

“I am a great ______, It is easy to _____”.

Your Personal Mastermind

One of the most empowering financially rewarding spiritually uplifting hours of my day comes in the morning when I get to plug into a Daily Think And Grow Rich Mastermind call.

This call is hosted by one of my very good friends and is attended by hundreds of people throughout the industry from all types of different companies.

We get together and study different books which empower us to more creative, productive, and prosperous lives.

It is one of the ways that I ensure that a daily dose of Empowering Beliefs are instilled into my subconscious mind.

These calls are 100% generic in nature so they do not promote any one person nor do they promote any one company.

Your Major Definite Purpose

Another way that I make sure my subconscious is constantly being directed to manifest prosperity in my life is by way of reading my major definite purpose twice daily.

By reading my major definite purpose twice daily I shape what I believe to be true in life.

This is CRUCIALLY important because…

You as a person will only take action upon what you believe to be true.
So with you daily habit of reading your major definite purpose in life you


Everything is based upon your beliefs.
I also take it a step further by making sure that while I sleep….

When my subconscious mind is wide awake and OPEN TO DIRECTION…
I recite my major definite purpose to myself via my headphones and mp3 player.

I add bi-neural sound patterns which empower these statements to go further into my subconscious.

By doing this I assure myself that I am constantly thinking, acting, and manifesting success in my life.

My Inner Marketing Genius

I take this very same approach to how I market as well…

There are lots of marketers out there who have more resources in play than I do..

-Such as more Facebook PPC ads..
-More Solo Ads…
-More articles on their blog…

Yet they don’t create the same or as much success as me…

Why is that??

It’s because their mindset is off… they have not
allowed their Inner Marketing Genius to come out……

They are closed off from new ideas… new perceptions…
they are in a rut…… and this rut is killing their success.

How to break free ???
Our ego is one of the most self destructive things we can possess as marketers

When we think “we know it all”…
Or we have “seen that already”
Or think…”that doesn’t work”

I had personally fallen into that trap.. and quite frankly my results showed it.

I was no longer producing…
I was no longer attracting…
I was no longer growing.

What did I do to break the downward cycle???

I started to listen to others that were producing the results
that I wanted in my life…

Started paying attention to what they said to do….
Started listening to DAILY AUDIOS from the Empower Network Inner Circle

So that I could learn mindset, and real world marketing strategies from
folks who were creating $10,000-$50,000+ a month in their life…. from their home.

Basically I went ALL IN… in life… and in business.

I realized that I had the opportunity to learn, prosper, grow, and be mentored
by those who HAD WHAT I WANTED in life….

– The Time Freedom
– The Income Freedom
– The Freedom To Travel
– The Freedom To Explore The World

The Freedom to do whatever the hell they wanted to do because

To Summarize This Post

I have literally given you the formula to create anything you want in your life here…

More peace…
More happiness…
More Financial Prosperity..
More Spiritual Fulfillment..

What you do with this information will dictate the results you achieve in life.

I truly desire that you take it and create a life that is filled with happiness, prosperity, and gratitude. That I can see photos and video of you on the beaches of the world sippin Pina Coladas or Virgin Mary’s for those who don’t drink.

I just really want you more than anything to take action and create prosperity in your life.

I hope this post gives you some of the tools that are needed to do that.

Success Resources


To plug into our Daily Mindset Mastermind calls here is the information:
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712-432-0900 – Access Code: 565762#

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(usually up for about 12 hours)


Click here to download your editable copy of my Major Definite Purpose and customize it for the success you wish to create in life.


Click here to download the MP3 recording of the bi-neural sounds that I record my own voice over to play back when I am sleeping.


To access the Empower Inner Circle recordings just log into your Empower Network back office and click the “Inner Circle” tab.

If you are not already a part of the Empower Network and wish to find out how you can access the most cutting edge marketing strategies on the internet today combined with the proven mindset teachings of marketers who earn in excess of $50,000+ monthly you can click here.

In Closing


This has been and will continue to be to your massive success.


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Take Massive Action,

Take Massive Action


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