Not too long ago I was in a situation where I was burnt out, broken hearted, anddesperation to inspiration had really come to a low point within my network marketing journey.

I had quite literally made no money for over two whole years in my business building efforts.

Let me say that again so that you FEEL ME…

I spent 1 year of my life with a company…. making no money….
Thinking that I was just in the wrong “deal”… I quit that company….

Then I hopped into another company… and guess what??

I proceeded to spend another year….. MAKING NO MONEY….
So after TWO WHOLE YEARS of making NO MONEY….

I did what most other folks would do….
I quit.

Those Damn Circles

After quitting the industry I went back to work in the “real world”…
The world where you get to slave away for 40 years hopping from one job
to the next only to “retire” on 40% of what you couldn’t live on in the first place…

The only problem was that I had been infected during my stay in the industry.
I can trace this “infection” back to my very first exposure to the term “network marketing”…

Sitting there… in that bookstore coffee lounge… watching some guy I barely knew draw the circles for the very first time…

….. my pulse quickened…
… my throat became just a little bit parched….

And I started to dream… I dreamt of Freedom… of life.. of happiness…
Little did I know what a powerful impact that day would have on my life.

Fast Forward…

So now…about a year or so.. after I quit the industry… I started to think about it again…

Little by little… thoughts of freedom came to my mind…
thoughts of living a lifestyle that I dreamt of so many years ago….

I knew there had to be a better way than hitting people up at gas stations…
…. better than being rejected… time and time again.

>>>better than all the pain I felt so many times when no one would show up to my home meetings.

I don’t know if you have ever felt that way before….
…………….wanting something so bad it almost hurt to think about… because you couldn’t make it happen… no matter how hard you tried.

At this time in my life…I was fortunate enough to meet a guy who would become one of my best friends and closest mentors… a wild haired cat by the name of David Wood (D).

“D” as he would become known to me as didn’t go looking for new business partners offline.. in parking lots… at Wal-Marts.. or even at business functions…anymore… he had been there.. done that.. and gotten kicked out of just about every Wal-Mart in the greater Phoenix area doing so.

Instead he used the power of the internet to get his offer in front of as many eyes as possible far surpassing anything that could have been done online.

The Transformation Happened

With the help of David’s teachings and the mastermind team of master marketers with whom I am fortunate enough to share a fantastic relationship with I was able to go from two years of not making ANY MONEY to being able to recruit on a PERSONAL basis 49 representatives in less than 5 days into a new offer that I am currently promoting.

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The system that I use is straightforward, highly duplicable for those willing to put in the necessary effort and incredibly satisfying because it is a training system that allows brand new internet marketers their very first taste of success.

I am happy to say that I have reached a stage within my career that I can now pass on the knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to gather along with the practical means of making the dreams people possess a reality.

If you have been looking for a mentor. Someone who has been through the fire and came out the other end a better person because of it.

Someone who knows and understands the frustrations that you are experiencing right this very second because no matter what you do….
it just doesn’t seem to work.

Someone who can lead you to the promised land of online money making…

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