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How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement By 5,900% | AskJohnChatman.com
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My birthday just passed and I realized a very powerful lesson that was actually 365 days in the making that I wanted to share with you in hopes that it could bring you value by empowering your ability to connect, persuade, and lead within your social media circles.

The Baseline Measurement

So before we get into the actual numbers I want you to take the supposition that the number of birthday greetings you receive is in direct correlation to the value that you provide the marketplace.

This is important because this is in direct reference to the numbers that we are going to go over right now.

 Last year on 12/16/11 I had a total of 5 people wish me a Happy Birthday on Facebook. Now you might be saying to yourself “so what” but bare with me for a little while more…..

We have already established that the number of people who take the time out of their day to wish you a happy birthday is dependent to a large extent on the value that they see you providing in your everyday marketing and connecting efforts.

When at the end of my day I realized that I only had 5 people care enough about the value I was providing to them to take the couple of seconds out of their day and send me their warm wishes I knew that I had to change what I was doing because it obviously wasn’t working.

Fast Forward To 2012

As part of my Major Definite Purpose I recite every day there is a passage in it that reads:

” I accept each and every event that happens in my life as an experience that God has given me for my own benefit. “

And this is exactly the way that I see what happened on my birthday last year.
Remember… and this is important…. if you are using the social media networks to grow your business online (and you should) and only 5 people take the time to say Happy Birthday… you are doing something SERIOUSLY wrong.

Rather than becoming upset or discouraged about my lack of engagement and impact I actually turned it into a personal challenge to see in what new and different ways I could serve those around me.

As a result of the new beliefs I adopted and new patterns of action that were implemented when this year rolled around the number of well wishers that took the time out of their day actually soared over the 300 mark!

WOW…. I don’t care which way you measure it by any one’s book that is absolutely a staggering increase in engagement within my social media circles. What this shows me is that I have an exponential enhancement to the impact I now have in my business.

So how do we actually measure the percentage of increase these new efforts have yielded you might ask?

Here’s the formula for percentage of increase:

So using our numbers we get the following equation:

(295/5) * 100 = 5,900%


When I realized this I knew I had to share with you how I did it.

So How Do You Make This Happen For Youself?

Now that I have set the tone and shown real actual proof numbers I am going to walk you through the process in this video so you can implement the same changes in your life and business to experience the same types of results:

So now that I have shown you exactly how I have created the dramatic increase in social media engagement let me show you how to become more engaging on Facebook by developing a compelling Facebook profile which empowers you to win friends and influence people.

You will be sent a link to this training once you have opted into the list below. Make sure to place an email that you can check since that is where the link will be sent.



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