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How To Live An Exceptional Life – Jim Rohn Wisdom | AskJohnChatman.com
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how to live an exceptional lifeThe first time I ever heard Jim Rohn’s voice it was 3:00 am in a cold storage warehouse where I was trying my best to not allow my sweat to freeze on my face.

I was a Cold Storage Warehouse Order Picker and quite truthfully the job absolutely sucked.

In this particular position when you started to move to hit your orders within the allotted time frame you would break a sweat and then you had to make sure to keep an elevated body temperature or else the sweat would quite literally freeze to your face.

Did I tell you how much I hated this job? To add insult to injury I actually had the graveyard shift so that when everyone else was sleeping in their nice comfortable beds I was up trying not to freeze while hustling my butt off.

How to Live An Exceptional Life – Jim Rohn

So how did I go from being a cold storage warehouse worker to the point of making six figures from home on the internet?

A friend actually turned me on to Jim Rohn. He told me about a guy he had heard speak about becoming more in life and that it really impacted him.

Because I was absolutely tired of where I was up to that point in life I was receptive to the message so I actually purchased one of his many trainings and loaded it onto my mp3 player.

Later that night at 3:00 am standing in the middle of the cold warehouse with one earbud  in (I had to keep the other one out to listen for other sleds and forklifts) I heard Mr. Rohn for the first time and it actually changed my life.

“Profits are better than wages.”
~ Jim Rohn

That simple little set me on my path to escaping the corporate matrix in favor of pursuing a better life through the vehicle of entrepreneurship.

That audio taught me lots of different lessons that I still keep in mind and implement to this very day.

In wanting to Pay It Forward and pass on the success and timeless wisdom that Mr. Rohn shared with me I am including this video copy of his teaching on “How to Live An Exceptional Life“:

What I would advise that you do is grab a pad and pen, turn off the phone, and let the kids know not to disturb you for a little while so you can concentrate on the message that Mr. Rohn provides.

It’s this type of wisdom that when followed can and will have a dramatic impact on the quality of life you and your family enjoy.

I hope you enjoy and are empowered by this blog post.

Keep rockin,

how to live an exceptional life


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