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Instant Cash Plugin Review: Part 1 – The Conclusive Proof Test

Instant Cash Plugin ReviewThis Instant Cash Plugin Review is going to delve into the actual workings of the Instant Cash Plugin software. If you haven’t already been turned onto the Instant Cash Plugin then what I can tell you is that it is a software which automates a lot of the work that comes with driving traffic back to a particular website.
The Instant Cash Plugin creates web 2.0 properties and automatically backlinks the 5 URL’s that you have input into the system.

In this Instant Cash Plugin Review I am setting up a test whereby I have created a custom capture page for my Empower Network business that will only receive traffic through the Instant Cash Plugin.

I will not be sending any social media, solo ad, PPC, or Article Marketing traffic to the capture page. The test will measure the number of hits the URL receives and the conversions of the plugin.

See this video for full details:

Unfortunately I have to redo this test and I explain why in this video:


Like I said in the video prior to my purchase of the Instant Cash Plugin I performed my own due diligence on the product and that’s why I felt comfortable in implementing it within my own business and promoting it as an affiliate offer to other marketers who are looking to increase their traffic and create an additional revenue stream through the affiliate sales.

If you are a Fast Action Taker and are ready to pick up the software for yourself you can gain additional information and purchase the software by clicking this banner:

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I hope you are able to gain some value from this Instant Cash Plugin Review and look forward to your thoughts, comments, and any feedback that you have if you have personal experience with the software.


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Instant Cash Plugin Review


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Regardless of the outcome of this Instant Cash

Plugin Review you should still be driving traffic

via the proven techniques taught in this teaching.


Here is Part 2  of This Instant Cash Plugin Review.