Why Should You Read This Jusuru Review?
Let’s face the facts here my friend. The reason you are reading this Jusuru review is because you are either currently evaluating the Jusuru business opportunity as a legitimate way to create an additional stream of income or you have already pulled the trigger and rolled the dice on your Jusuru business and want to know what other network marketing leaders have to say about the company.

The bottom line is that within this Jusuru review you are going to receive an unbiased 3rd party expert review of the Jusuru company, product, and compensation plan. You will no longer have to wonder whether or not there is a Jusuru scam going on. What you will know is how to create a successful Jusuru business.

Jusuru Review – Who’s Leading The Charge?

In choosing a company to build your network marketing empire with the first thing that you have to take into consideration is who leading the charge? Having the right CEO is absolute paramount to the company’s long term success.

Filling the main leadership role for Jusuru is Asma Ishaq. Asma graduated from the University of California, at Berkeley with dual degrees both in  psychology and business administration. Afterward she went off to graduate studies at Princeton University on the East Coast while finally completing her MBA with a dual concentration in finance and marketing at Rice University.

Before cofounding Jusuru she held positions at executive  level positions with BlackRock, Inc., a leading asset management firm based in New York City and  Biocell Technologies,  leading developer of cutting edge health and wellness products.

In attempting to formulate a quality Jusuru review I wanted to find out more about the executive leadership team that the company has in place only to come to the realization that there isn’t much information out there regarding the subject.

It is my honest opinion that this is more than a little bit disturbing.  I find it very odd that there aren’t at least summarized executive bios on the company website.

Jusuru Review – What’s the Compensation Plan?

The Jusuru compensation plan is structured in what is called a Unilevel in the network marketing industry. You can see what this looks like here:

They have included a total of 9 different ways to create income including commissions from Direct Sales of the product, a preferred customer bonus, a fast start bonus, team commissions, enroller bonus, turbo infinity bonus,  leader check match, leadership pools and last but not least a car bonus.

The unilevel structure of the pay plan extends 7 levels deep with matching bonuses rewarded to those leaders who reach the higher levels of the Jusuru compensation plan.

The first 4 levels of the plan are where you are designated as Venture builder. They pay out a total of 18% with the requirement of having at least two of your personally sponsored representatives recruit a minimum of  distributors themselves.

To qualify for the commissions on this level each of your distributor downline team members including yourself must be on a minimum order of 1 case of product per month. One case of product is $140.00.

This could prove to be an issue for 90% + of the folks getting involved since industry statistics show that they will never reach this level of business development and thus not qualify for the full payout.

The next level of the Jusuru compensation plan is the Endeavor classification. This level actually has a matching bonus which requires 5 personally sponsored distributors all on a monthly autoship of at least one case each and two of which have sponsored at least 3 representatives each.

One of the most important things to consider is how large of a team would a person have to create in order to cover the $140 per month autoship expense?

In running the numbers depending on the way your team is structured you are looking at a minimum of between 15-20 folks on your team to break even (excluding fast start bonus). So as long as you know what you are doing this shouldn’t be an issue.

A Jusuru Life Blend Review

Jusuru’s flagship product is their LifeBlend liquid supplement. LifeBlend is made up of  Blueberry, Apple, Grape and Strawberry Juice, Mangosteen  Whole Fruit and Fruit Extract, Pomegranate, Jujube Fruit, and Resveratrol Extract, along with Bio Cell Collagen II.

While this is certainly an impressive array of ingredients one of  the main concerns that I initially had was that the active ingredient BioCell Collagen II was being sold under private label to other companies. I felt that this would undermine the ability of  independent Jusuru representatives ability to market this product as unique and cutting edge.

I was actually contacted by a Jusuru Corporate Vice-President (which I might add is pretty fantastic for the reps since it shows that corporate is very diligent in making sure the correct information is out on the web) who educated me in that the Bio Cell Collagen II that is used the company’s products is the only liquid form of this ingredient.

Now knowing this information and and taking into account how well received the Bio Cell Collagen II has been in the marketplace I am prepared to say that in fact Jusuru representatives do have a distinct advantage in being able to offer the only liquid form of this amazing supplement.

To Summarize my Jusuru Review:

While there is definitely the potential to create massive success in your Jusuru business a concern that I have is what we see in the Jusuru compensation plan in that the majority of distributors will earn less than 18% while the lion’s share of revenue will roll up to those top dog representatives with 100 folks or more on their teams.

If we take Daren Falter’s How to Select a Network Marketing Company book  as a guide we see that there are several benchmarks for us to consider.

These benchmarks are:

1) The company must have an original product with a reasonable price point

2) The Management Team must consist of experienced professionals with at least one of them having been a top distributor in a previous network marketing company

3) The age of the company is a consideration as well. Have they entered their momentum stage? Are they 2 years old at least since most companies fail within the first two years?

4) How many team members must you have to cover your monthly autoship?

The Jusuru Business Opportunity is a valid one even if it doesn’t meet the above posted criteria. If you are committed to the product and most importantly can honestly say that you would spend $140 a month on it EVEN if you weren’t building a business with Jusuru then this just might be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Just keep in mind that you will need to develop the skill sets required to build a large enough to cover your monthly autoship and help others do the same. In order to do this a wise choice would be to obtain training on our Jusuru training resource page.

To Your Massive Success,

John Chatman

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