Profitable Sunrise ReviewProfitable Sunrise Review is the name of this article but truthfully speaking it should be called “What Could You Possibly Be Thinking Joining Profitable Sunrise”… hahaha.

If you have been reading any of my writing you know that I shoot straight from the hip and don’t pull any punches when it comes to bringing the truth to the table and this Profitable Sunrise Review article will be no different.

Why Write A Profitable Sunrise Review?

Since you are here about to read this Profitable Sunrise Review you are probably taking a look at it as a possible investment vehicle to create additional revenue within your portfolio or maybe you are just curious about the Profitable Sunrise Opportunity after having heard about it on Facebook.

Whatever the case might be I think it is important for you to know my motives for writing this Profitable Sunrise Review.

I do a lot of marketing on Facebook within the different syndication groups so I have the opportunity to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening within the home based business industry and I started to see a lot of advertisements proclaiming the exceptional rate of return folks were getting on their Profitable Sunrise Investment Accounts.

The standard rate of return for the “investment packages” that Profitable Sunrise offers starts at 1.6% per business day all the way up to 2.15% with compounding available. The minimum term of the investment is 180 days.

Does The Math Workout??

So one of the first things that I did when beginning my research to write this Profitable Sunrise Review is to just run some numbers and see if the math made sense.

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario in which a small business needs to obtain short term bridge financing for a project in the amount of $10,000. The company only needs the money for 30 days but because the Profitable Sunrise pays out between 1.6% – 2.15% per day we can expect that the company would be required to pay a minimum of 3% daily to cover the admin fee & spread.

So we have:

Principal amount = $10,000
Interest rate = 3% Daily
Term = 30 days
Minimum interest in dollars charged per day = $300
Total Amount Due to repay Loan + Interest = $19,000

So do you know any small business owner that would take this loan? Doesn’t it just sound pretty ridiculous? Let’s be serious here folks… there is NO ONE that I have ever known that would agree to this type of a scenario.

Profitable Sunrise Review : Who Is Behind It All?

Ok, so now that we have established that no right thinking business owner would ever take the terms of any loan that was supposedly being offered by Profitable Sunrise let’s turn our attention to who is actually supposed to be behind the Profitable Sunrise Opportunity.

According to their website a gentleman by the name of Roman Novak is the owner and his brother Radoslav Novak is the attorney who also handles the marketing. The following screen shot from their website is the only information that I could find on the owners and principals of this company throughout the internet:

profitable sunrise scam

Let me ask you something… if you are going to invest hundreds and in some cases even thousands of dollars of your money wouldn’t you at least like to see a picture of the guys who are behind the business?

That’s the first red flag that came to mind. I mean, where are the photos of these people? Why aren’t there any photos of them at the office, with their friends, with business associates?

Now that we are on the subject of photos why aren’t there ANY photos of the company headquarters? Where’s the photo of the building, of the people inside of it having fun and taking care of business, where are ANY PHOTOS AT ALL???

According to the FRAUD EXPERTS (New York State Criminal Attorney in this case) over at when asked to verify the street address given to Profitable Sunrise they replied that there was no such company listed in the Companies House Registry (this is where every LEGAL company has to register in the UK) and no tax information on them or their “supposed” parent company Inter Reef LTD.

In fact when running an IP trace for the company’s site it actually originates out of the State of Virginia.

The Bottom Line In This Profitable Sunrise Review

Now I already know folks are going to come on here and plead their case that a Profitable Sunrise Scam couldn’t be taking place because they are being credited with the daily interest in their Profitable Sunrise accounts and that they have personally already received pay outs from Profitable Sunrise.

That this Profitable Sunrise Review is nothing more than a cheap way to drive traffic to what I consider to be the Perfect Online Home Based Business and they would be wrong.

I am writing this Profitable Sunrise Review for the simple fact that I don’t want anyone else to be scammed out of their hard earned money like so many before them.

If you take a look at the facts and only the facts it is very plain to see no matter how much you may want to argue the point that there is in fact a Profitable Sunrise Scam taking place and if you are involved in it more than likely you will be a victim when it folds.

So What’s The Alternative?

Having basically splashed you with a glass of cold water when it comes to your dreams of making money online with Profitable Sunrise let me give you a quick look at an alternative.

On a personal basis I have been marketing online now for 3 years. In that time there have been many companies that have come and gone and 10 x’s the number of so called leaders who have hit the industry and made a quick buck only to never be seen or heard from again.

In that same period of time I have known only one leader whose messaging has never changed. He is someone that I am proud to call my personal mentor and one of my best friends.

He and his business partner have created a company that in the past 13 months has paid out over $17,000,000 in commissions back to its representatives and has created what can only be described as a revolution in the home based business industry.

This company is my #1 pick for Online Home Based Business and as such deserves your consideration if you are looking to make money online.

To hear from my mentor and his business partner discuss their vision and find out how you can get involved with me on a personal basis click here right now.


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