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Psychological Nudity | AskJohnChatman.com
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In yesterday’s message where I shared with you a crazy
moment that I just experienced where someone was actually
shouting at me (if you haven’t read it yet check it out
here (http://archive.aweber.com/numis-215/I5KZk) I

promised to also reveal to you the reason behind the
story so here it is:

Psychological Nudity

According to the Urban Dictionary the definition of
this term is:

A state of mental and emotional honesty. When all pretense,
prejudice, expectations, bravado, etc. are removed, and all
that is left is the bare mind.


You see when you were in the process of reading this
story a part of you was actually there with me and in
pulling you into my world even if just for a little bit
our relationship became deeper.

Now, I admit that I should have probably handled that
particular situation a little better but what happened
was the truth. It wasn’t prettied up for the email.

When you are open and honest in your communications
with those on your “list” it allows you to form a
deeper and more meaningful relationship with them.

You know that I am not perfect nor do I aspire to be. I,
just like you am human with all of my flaws and

Having the ability to relate and develop rapport
with your audience is one of the most powerful factor
in the world of marketing.

Try it out yourself and let me know how it works out
for you.

Btw… the author Michael Savage has a book entitled
Psychological Nudity (http://amzn.to/jwZHoY) where he
recounts tales from his own life which from what I hear
are pretty funny and endearing.

One of the ways to become a great storyteller is to
read and experience great stories.

This is your first step down that path.

To Your Massive Success,

John Chatman

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