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Thoughts become things… that’s a very powerful statement to make if you Thoughts Become Things really think about it. At it’s very essence it is speaking reality into existence.

I don’t know about you but for me that really blows my mind to think that we as conscious sentient beings have the power to bring things into existence simply by thinking of them.

This statement brings me back to the Bible in:

Genesis 1:3
And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Whether or not you agree with the bible is not the point here. The point is that it didn’t say that God struggled with the process of light creation, it didn’t say that he drew up a plan of action and carefully weighed the in’s and out’s of it… it says….


How Can We Bring The Power Of Creation Into Our Network Marketing Business?

It has been my experience both good and bad that I will get exactly what I set my intention upon receiving in my life. So the trick then is to become very clear about what my intentions are and what I expect to bring about.

A step ahead of this pattern of thinking is something that I just learned and that even more important than what I want in life is who do I see myself as being.

This then gets into the issue of the self identity.

What I learned recently on a trip to Austin was that we all perform up to the expectation levels we each carry within ourselves.

Now stop for a minute…. you may be thinking.. that’s B.S… I don’t want to be making no money in my business… but that’s exactly where you are right?

You may say that I don’t want to be in this industry going on several years and still not making $1,000+ per month….

……………….but in fact here you are right?

WHY IS THAT???????????
*****************************THINK ABOUT THAT…… why is that???????

I will tell you why… and this might be a little bit shocking to you…but trust me on this… I learned it from my mentor who is pushing close to $200,000 in monthly income in just a little bit over a year…..

The reason you aren’t making $30,000+ in your business at this very moment right now…. is because….


$30,000+ PER MONTH EARNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha…. when I first learned this it felt like someone had come along and kicked me in my stomach with a steel toe boot.

How could this be… I watched the videos… I blogged daily.. I did the things that I was supposed to be doing right?

Why was I not receiving the same type of results that others were generating even though I knew they were no smarter or special than I.

To realize that it was my self identity that had been keeping me grounded in the $5k +- range of income this whole time when I wanted more in my life has truly been groundbreaking for me.

It was a realization that to this day (several weeks later) I still marvel at…. I don’t say I struggle with it…

I say instead that it is an interesting piece of the success puzzle whose full understanding is still in the process of manifesting in my life.

The Solution To This Conundrum

I am going to save what my mentor taught me that has allowed me to start seeing past that which I am and into that which I am becoming for tomorrow’s blog post since I really want to give it it’s due….

But let me just say this… in my networking career I have never been more at ease and in the flow of things than I am right now.

This is a direct result of the relationships I have been able to form with my mastermind group within The Prosperity Team and the focus that being a part of a powerful movement brings.

Now I can’t sit here and say that if you join our Prosperity Team that it is going to be wine and roses from that moment on but what I can tell you that in my humble opinion there has never been a more effective system and team culture that truly empowers the individual to create massive change and lifelong success than what we bring to the table.

If you are ready to become part of a movement… to become part of a team of winners.. to expect more out of life than that which you have received thus far and aren’t afraid of working for it….

……………. of growing into it…

……………….. of learning and implementing the teachings we have to give…

Then I invite you to take a look at The Prosperity Team and see if we just might be the place you have been looking to call home….

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