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Will I have enough to retire? Turning 40 thinking about 65… | AskJohnChatman.com
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Will I have enough to retire? That’s a question everyone has to ask will i have enough to retirethemselves at one time or another… especially when we start hitting our 40’s. I was speaking with one of my childhood friend’s that’s turning the big 4-0 (40) on 9/29 and the discussion veered from birthday’s to careers and then on to retirement.

He’s currently doing around $4k a month working a corporate job right now but the future is pretty shaky with layoffs all around him.

Listen up to how the discussion eventually played out and see if you can see any similarities within your own career right now.

On a personal basis it wasn’t too long ago that I was being laid off from corporate America after 4.5 years on the job where I thought I had security just because it was Union.

One of the main overriding themes of this particular video is to get you to think…

“What will I be doing 25 years from now?”

  • Will you still be plugging along in the workforce?
  • Will you be approaching retirement age with a heart full of worry because you don’t have the $1,200,000 in funds necessary to retire at a comfortable level?
  • Will you be working at the Golden Arches?
  • Will you be doing anything you want to do, anywhere you want to do it because you had chosen to create your own social distribution network?
will you have enough to retire

Sources: Social Security Administration; Federal Reserve of Philadelphia; Department of Labor.

Take into consideration that the above pic is based off of you currently having $50,000 in the bank and saving 4% of your gross income.

That’s true for you isn’t it?

Will I Have Enough To Retire? How to make this a non-issue:

Instead of asking yourself whether you are going to be capable  of living on 65% of your current salary (average retirement earnings) why not instead build a life that you don’t have to retire from?

Why not build an income on a part time basis that grows over time which doesn’t have an expiration date attached to it?

If you feel that you’re worth more than being told when to go somewhere and die by some faceless corporation here’s your chance to step up and prove it to yourself by creating financial independence and living life on your terms.

Here’s the link that I spoke about in the video:


We have a step by step plan of action that you can implement in as little as 1-2 hours per day which over time can create that lifestyle freedom you have been searching for.

Keep rockin,

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