XOWii ReviewWhy Should You Read This XOWii Review:

To start things off I know that you are reading this XOWii review because you are most likely considering the XOWii opportunity as a possible business and wanted to read an unbiased third party XOWii review. The truth of the matter is that whenever you are considering starting up your own business it is going to take a significant investment in time, energy, financial capital, and other resources so it is critically important for you to understand exactly what is going to be needed to create success in your new venture. It’s also vitally important that you have the answers to some very basic questions which include: Is XOWii a scam? What is it really going to take to create XOWii success and reach the top tiers of income generation within the company, How fast can I recoup my investment?

Even though I am not involved in XOWii personally, I have been blessed in that I have mentored others in mlm success strategies to breakthrough in XOWii, and other MLM opportunities. This article will serve to give you a brief yet insightful review of the XOWii opportunity along with explaining which factors should take special weight in your decision to move forward with the XOWii business.

A Brief Review of XOWii’s Leadership:

One of the first things that you should consider before joining XOWii is who is the leadership behind the company? What is their history? Do they have a track record of success? How does their background translate to lending itself to success with XOWii?

XOWii was co-founded by Richard Kelly & James Christiansen who are both experienced entrepreneurs. Mr. Kelly co-founded Kelly Capital in 1993 and over the past 15 years has participated in a variety of investment opportunities with his main focus being on corporate acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, real estate investments, and mezzanine investments.

James Christiansen has spent over 10 years working in the commercial real estate field and commercial banking arena. Mr. Christiansen has extensive experience in the corporate world serving as Vice President for a major commercial bank. After having been exposed to direct selling industry James quickly made a name for himself dealing with the business side of the industry during his presentations and gained a following of distributors across the nation.

The primary reason to consider the leadership of XOWii is because most companies never really make it to the stage where they are producing enough momentum to stay in business and make a significant impact on the marketplace. Another critical factor is that often times business leaders who have strong successful corporate backgrounds decide that they want to own an MLM company and don’t understand that there is a different set of principles at play when you are dealing in the Network Marketing industry. Fortunately for XOWii Mr. Christiansen has had a successful direct marketing experience which is definitely in their favor.

A Review Of XOWii’s Compensation Plan:

XOWii’s compensation plan is one that is known as a “Binary”. What this means is that every distributor is required two build two sales teams. When you enroll more than two distributors they are to be allocated beneath other folks within your group. You can see how this plays out right here:


Over the past 10 years Binary commission plans have had a history of working very well within the MLM Industry. Even though the binary plan compensation model isn’t my preferred choice there are numerous examples of folks earning substantial monthly incomes with them.

The Binary Compensation Plan by its very design promotes team unity because you can only recruit two distributors on a personal basis it is required that you place your new recruits beneath other team members. Now there is an advantage and a disadvantage to this model. The advantage is that when you place someone further into the group it tends to energize the business partner who is benefitting from this placement. The disadvantage is that there are some who will believe that they can achieve success by simply recruiting two and profiting from their efforts. Obviously this isn’t only lazy it is also quite wrong. In all opportunities including those which participate in a Binary Plan commission structure top earners are repeatedly those who sponsored more than 100 business partners on an individual basis.

Now before you get discouraged let me tell you that this isn’t a disadvantage at all. It is something that you should just understand and accept. To create the type of success which will enable you to retire from your current job, live a more prosperous life, and enjoy freedom on your terms will require you to learn how to sponsor in numbers and produce on a personal basis.


XOWii Energy

A Review of XOWii’s Exclusive Products

XOWii has developed products for the functional beverage market with its flagship offering being XOWii Energy. XOWii Energy is an all natural product KonaRed™ Coffee Cherry based energy drink which is only available through an authorized XOWii distributor. Is XOWii Energy as effective as they purport it to be? Well, that question can only be answered by you. There’s quite a bit of hype thrown out by various MLM companies about their products but XOWii seems to be pretty straightforward about the makeup of theirs.

The other product that XOWii offers is taking advantage of the massive call for weight loss supplements. They state that their product XOWii Thin can help suppress appetite, speed metabolism and induce sustained weight loss when used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Now how do these products figure into the potential of the opportunity? Ask yourself this question “would I take this product if it weren’t associated with an opportunity”? This is an important consideration since if the answer is no there is a high likelihood that you will end up experiencing some major attrition in your business and no real stability since folks are only taking the product to build the business.

If you really have your heart set on creating a business with XOWii then a great strategy to implement is to contact an authorized representative and purchase one month’s supply of their products. If after the full month and cash expenditure you are still excited about it then go for it. If not then you have just saved yourself the enrollment fee that you would have paid.

A Review Of XOWii’s Training

What I have found is that the majority of XOWii’s distributors are still very much into the “Old School” marketing tactics method of growing their businesses. These include the standard “3 foot rule” where you approach everyone who is within 3 feet of you about your business and the leaving flyers on the windows of all the cards at the local mall parking lot which only serves to generate a fine for that person. Don’t get me wrong, there is still success to be generated with home meetings, hotel meetings, and other old school methods but the difference in today’s society is that for those folks who are under 40 they are more accustomed to being more mobile and not so sedentary. They haven’t developed the circle of influence that this type of prospecting would take which leads to disappointment and failure by the struggling representative.

This is exactly the reason I created this review. I have personally been there and have endured the agony of having to make cold calls to try and generate a lead, or have friends avoid my calls because they were afraid I was going to pitch them on my opportunity.

Because I chose to do something about it I now enjoy the ability to create prosperity on demand through the use of well thought out strategically implemented Social Media & Direct Marketing campaigns which drive interested visitors to my sites and my blog. This is the same thing that I am offering you on a personal basis whether you are merely looking at the XOWii Opportunity as a vehicle for financial success or are already in trying to make it work for you and your family. I am giving you the chance to learn how to recruit people using up to date modern day Online MLM strategies.

I recruited more new business partners last month in my personal network marketing company than most people will in their entire network marketing career and now I am offering you the opportunity to learn exactly how I did it so that you can do the same and dominate the leaderboards of XOWii or any other network marketing company you might be involved in.

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What’s even more important is that you would then have access to me on a personal basis for one on one mentoring.

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