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3 Key Differences In How The Rich Build Their Wealth & How Everyone Else Remains Struggling To Get By | AskJohnChatman.com
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In this blog post you will discover three key differences in the way Rich People build their wealth The Prosperity Teamand how everyone else continues to struggle to get by.

There are so many different ways that the thought patterns of wealthy people are different from your average person that I couldn’t possibly list them all here so instead I will list 3 of them here for your benefit to learn from and then implement in your own life.

Now that I am a 5 Figure Monthly Earner in my online home based business I can look back over my life and see where I suffered from some of these very same mistaken beliefs but because I took it upon myself to focus on my personal development I have been able to shape and mold my beliefs so that they resemble those belief patterns held by people who have what I want in my life. [blur]

Money Is The Root Of All Evil

The first of the three ways is that average people think that money is the root of all evil while the wealthy believe that poverty is the root of all evil.

Many people have misconstrued the biblical passage of 1 Timothy 6:10 from “THE LOVE OF MONEY” is the root of all evil to “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”…

Those are two very different belief patterns and they have massively different connotations as to how we perceive and enjoy life.

While the middle class focus on thoughts of lack and limitation when it comes to money the wealthy purposefully seek to build beliefs about money that serve their best interests and empower them to build financial empires.

Remember: You can bless many more people and have a greater impact on the world if you have an additional $100,000 per month to devote to charitable causes rather than struggling to survive on that $36,000 annual salary.

Wealth Comes From Working Hard

The second of the three ways is that average people believe that wealth comes with hard work while rich people believe that wealth is created through the use of leverage.

When I was a kid my father worked at a local lumber mill processing trees into the final product. I remember he would come home from work with 1/2 inch splinters in his hands due to handling the lumber and we would help him take them out.

He would then have a meal with us and the he would be off to do some work as an unlicensed carpenter which never really paid him as he should have been paid and at the end of the day he would come home utterly exhausted from having labored quite literally from before sun up to after sun down with only a small rest in between.

He worked HARD for his family and for that I will always love and respect him but when it comes to wealth building he had it 100% wrong.

You see the wealthy don’t believe that you have to WORK HARD in the traditional sense by exhausting yourself on a physical and mental basis.

Instead they see wealth building as a game whereby they employ LEVERAGE.

They focus on those core skill sets that are most profitable to them and outsource the rest to others that are best suited to handle them.

They maximize the resources and contacts available to them to create strategic alliances which empower and enrich themselves and their business partners.

Success is the focus and the cause to be celebrated and not the act of “working hard”.

Remember: You can work hard all of your life and not create wealth, just ask any service person in the hospitality industry (whom I have an incredible amount of respect for)… or you can focus on leveraging your skill sets, abilities, and natural inclinations to providing solutions to the masses and generate wealth by the amount of value you provide society.

Network Marketing Is A Scam

The middle class believes that modern day referral marketing also known as network marketing is a scam. They still have outdated memories of 1970’s style tactics of bait and switch where someone asked them over for dinner only to bust out a white board and start drawing circles hoping to draw them into their “pyramid scheme”.

This is in direct opposition to what some of the wealthiest people on earth like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki believe.

All three super successful businessmen either currently own companies within the network marketing space or develop training and information products specifically for the home based business niche.

Over the last 10 years there has been no other industry on earth that has created the level of success and personal satisfaction than referral marketing… not one.

It has produced the most millionaires than most other industries COMBINED and will continue to be a developing force in the world of entrepreneurship.

On a personal basis it has allowed me to go from quite literally having to downgrade my Comcast cable to afford to join my business opportunity in March of 2012 to the point where I am at today in April of 2013…..


This was done without having to call and pester people, ask anyone of my family & friends, and never having to pick up the phone to call a prospect for business.

It is the same industry that has given me absolute freedom from working in the corporate rat race and has allowed me to spend as much time with my family as I would like while earning an income that places me in the top percentages of the world…

Out of the comfort of my home.

Remember: Times have changed and there is no industry on earth that has not been affected by the ravages of the traditional economy. Either you step up to the challenge and learn a new skill that can have you operating a profitable business from any place on earth from your laptop or suffer the fate of becoming a second class economic citizen.

[/blur]In Conclusion

Today’s post is the first of a series that examines the different ways that the thought patterns of the wealthy differentiate between those of the middle class.

I have personally found that when I can model the thoughts and behaviors of those who have what I want the speed at which I am able to attract and obtain the desired manifestations increases at an incredible rate.

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