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About John | AskJohnChatman.com
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About John


Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is John Chatman and I appreciate you coming by my site. You are going to find what I hope you will consider to be very valuable content and information on several subjects ranging from Online Network Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Personal Growth and Leadership Development. These are all areas of which I am quite passionate and am actively pursuing further growth in on a daily basis.

I have created this blog to share what I have learned on these subjects and to foster a sense of community where the sharing isn’t just from me to you but in practice from us to us.

One of the key areas listed above is that of Online Network Marketing. This area deserves special attention all to it’s self. In today’s new age of instantaneous information transmission over the internet along with the ability to create a massive following via Social Media never has the dream of true freedom been more accessible to the masses. The old ways of hounding your family, friends, and anyone next to you in line at your local grocery store are over with.

Today’s environment calls for a well thought out marketing plan based on several solid pillars of marketing which might include: email marketing, organic search engine & pay per click advertising,  article marketing, hub pages, or video marketing. These are just a few of the areas that you might focus in on to create the lifestyle of your dreams by leveraging your time & efforts with technology.

By just focusing on 2-3 of these areas there is absolutely no reason on earth that you couldn’t create whichever level of success you choose to which in turn lends itself to creating true freedom for yourself and your family.

One of the most important factors in creating true MLM Network Marketing Success is to keep in mind that even though having all of the technical skills in place is definitely a requirement the business of network marketing boils down to creating long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

It is your ability to connect with someone else on a deeper than casual level which will enable you to develop the connections which last and stand the test of time regardless of what other shiny objects (new opportunities) might arise.

In this vein of thought I invite you to connect with me on a personal basis by stopping by my Facebook profile and requesting my friendship there. I am quite active there and would truly love to create a real friendship with you.

To Your Massive Success,

John Chatman
Online Marketing Mentor