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Can You Really Build an Online Empire With Just Two Network Marketing Tools? | AskJohnChatman.com
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While there are many opinions as to which Network Marketing Tools are network marketing toolsessential to building an online empire let me give you the benefit of my personal experience in becoming a six figure annual income earner in the network marketing industry.

Before I get into the info let me just say that when you look online for tips, tricks, and tactics to building a network marketing business you’re going to find a flood of information. It seems like everyone (and their brother) happens to be a network marketing expert – and they’re not shy about telling you how to run your business.

The only problem is that many of these people are nothing more than glorified keyboard jockeys, the kind of people that have zero experience running a successful network marketing business – and will only serve to clutter, confuse, and overload you with the non-relevant information.

To cut through all of that noise (and actually create real results) you need two key network marketing tools and two tools only – a blog and an autoresponder.

Network Marketing Tools – What Do You Really Need?

Obviously, there are other critical components to maximizing your network marketing business, but these two tools will get you up and running faster than anything else and allow you to begin pulling in real money almost right away.

The first thing you need to understand is that your new blog is going to be the face of your online network marketing business.

We all understand the power that the Internet has for creating ridiculous business results (almost overnight) – but almost all of us are ignoring of the amazing leverage it offers just by setting up a simple blog.

Giving each and every one of us in the network marketing world the ability to communicate directly with literally millions and millions of prospects all over the world (in an instant), setting up your blog correctly just might be the most important application of any of the dozens if not hundreds of  network marketing tools out there.

Your Personal Blog – The Ultimate in Network Marketing Tools

When I first got started online I actually used WordPress to set up my blog. It was a very cumbersome thing to do… learning how to install it… setting up all the right plugins… choosing the correct theme… changing the theme because something didn’t work right with the plugins…

Hahaha… I spent MONTHS trying to get a decent looking blog… as a matter of fact to this very day I still have issues with my blog (the one you are currently reading).

Instead of traveling the worn out beaten path of greatest frustration what I now advise my team and anyone who is looking to create massive leverage within their network marketing business to do is simply pick up one of the done-for-you virtual blogging systems.

These systems are easily customizable and ready to get rolling within minutes after purchase. They also come along with massive Google ranking ability because of the power of the main domain your content gets ranked a LOT faster than if you were to start a WordPress or Blogger account on your own domain.

There’s even upgraded internet marketing training that you can purchase to totally dominate online search for your company’s main keywords which allows you to recruit faster and easier.

You even have access to some of the most cutting edge blog training with just a Basic Membership which will teach you exactly how to go about blogging in such a way that your content is seen as being very valuable and in turn you create success much faster.

Network Marketing Tools – So What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is the network marketing tool that allows you to capitalize on the popularity of your blog

This is key – and something that you cannot ignore. While other network marketing tools are specifically designed to help you make money (rather transparently), your blog is not. You’re going to want to use your blog as a jumping off point and relationship builder – with the occasional promotional offer mixed in.

While there will be a certain percentage of people who make a decision on the spot to join you in your online business building activities the majority of those who join your team will be through constant exposure to your ideas, stories, and teachings made available to them through your blog.

Now the only way to be able to do this is if you are able to build a list of interested prospects that you can communicate with on a daily basis and the only way to do that is through the use of an autoresponder.

Every online marketer (and even some of the off-line marketers) would tell you that the real money for any business is in the list – and that’s exactly what you’re autoresponder is going to let you build.

Autoresponders like Aweber take all of the heavy lifting out of implementing this powerful network marketing tool, giving you the ability to set it up on your website in just a few minutes – and begin using it instantly.

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your network marketing efforts, you need to implement a blog and an autoresponder  just as soon as humanly possible. These are two network marketing tools you cannot do without.

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