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Feeling The State of Flow: How To Instantly Change Your Mental State To Reflect A Power Self | AskJohnChatman.com
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state of flowHave you ever been in a situation where it seemed like everything you touched turned to gold?

As of late in my life that is the State of Flow I have been in and it’s a pretty cool feeling to experience and it’s something that I want you to experience as well.

The State of Flow

This State of Flow is actually a mind state that you can experience at any time of the day that you choose to simply by taking a couple of very easy to implement measures. Believe me it is worth your time to understand that where you find yourself on a daily basis in regards to your mind state is where you have chosen to be.

So the first step in transforming your mind state and entering the STATE OF FLOW is realizing that each and every one of us has the power to create our reality upon demand.

It’s not what happens to us in life but more so how we choose to react to it. For example you could have a situation where the person you brought into your business last week who was going to be the next big thing in the industry is no longer in communication and has basically entered the witness protection program… hahahaha… it happens.

So what does this mean to you? If you aren’t guarding your mindset this might mean a failure to you. It might mean that you aren’t going to be making the money that you could have made with this “star” on your team…. OR… you could have the attitude that it is just a part of the business.

That this is just part of the game and just like in life there is a majority of individuals who will quit on themselves and you can just chalk it up as a natural event as you continue to progress towards your stated goals.

You control your mindset.

Now that we have established that we personally control our own mindset the question is how do we call upon the FLOW STATE at will??

We do this via a process called ANCHORING. This is where we call upon feelings and emotions that we had previously experienced when we felt at our most powerful, our most successful, our MOST.

The key is to close your eyes and think back to a situation in your life where you felt absolutely powerful, absolutely successful. Now that you have this EXACT SITUATION in your mind’s eye I want you to look around and notice the colors, notice the smells, and notice HOW YOU FELT at this exact time.

This is a key component of the process. You want to make sure that you can experience that same situation in your mind’s eye as vibrantly as when it just happened in your life.

We can leverage past success to create success in our present.

Now that we know that we can control our mind state at will and that it is crucially important to tie what we are about to do to a moment in our life that we were at our most powerful the next part of the process is when we ANCHOR this POWER EMOTION to a physical action that we can use to instantly create a power state in our life.

How you do this is that when you have entered your mind’s eye and are IN THE PROCESS of experiencing the power emotions of the particular scene you have chosen to use you execute a purely physical action such as stomping your left foot or snapping your right fingers while speaking a POWER WORD.

When you do this at the exact moment you feel our most powerful this serves to ANCHOR THAT POWER EMOTION to the physical action you are taking. When you add a POWER WORD to this process you are getting more of your tactile senses into the process and giving your mind another focal point to bring the power experience you previously had into the NOW.

Anchor your power emotions to physical actions.

This Process In Work In My Life

How I use this on a personal basis is that I have anchored the emotions, sights, and sounds that I had experienced when I received my first ever promotion within my network marketing career.

At the time I was building an offline opportunity where each month there would be a regional event where everyone who had achieved the next rank in the compensation plan would be given a pen affixed to their suit or blouse and be recognized in front of a room filled with their peers.

I remember having my name called to go up in front of the room and stand with all of the others who had achieved a similar rank that month.

Standing up there receiving my very first promotion of my networking career after having experienced what was essentially 2 ½ years of total failure it meant the world to me.

What’s funny about this situation is that it was the very first promotion a person could achieve within this company yet it felt like I had reached their highest pin rank.

Now as I EXPERIENCE these emotions I snap my right thumb and middle finger together while I say my POWER WORD…. Which is BLAZE.

Because I have been doing this for so long it now works out so that any time I want to feel happy, successful, energetic, grateful, and POWERFUL I do this.

When I am about to give a presentation… when I am about to write a particularly powerful piece of content… give a video training… or anything that is going to require that I STEP UP MY GAME to the next level and PERFORM I go through this ritual.

The Truth Of The Matter

It’s been many years since I had that first success within my network marketing career. I have gone on to:

– Have days where I have earned $1,000+
– Had days where I have generated over 170 leads
– Had weeks where I personally recruited over 50 reps into a company

But there is no more powerful memory than having achieved my very first promotion in my network marketing career and I can feel that emotion, that victory, that sense of accomplishment any time that I want to.

Additional Resources

Unlimited Power
I first learned about this technique through reading Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. It goes far deeper into this particular process than I ever could in just a blog post so I highly recommend if you are looking for a proven way to create more success in your life that you pick it up.

I count this book as one of the defining volumes of my life.

The Empower Network
While I had access to some pretty life changing material prior to my introduction into the Empower Network it wasn’t until I truly committed myself to the 8 Core Steps of a Successful Marketer and truly embraced the ideology that the Empower Network brings to the table did my life truly begin to change.

Because of this shift in attitude and focus I can right now tell you exactly where I will be on January 1, 2014. To find out just click this link.

Morning Mindset Call
In addition to my association with the Empower Network this free resource is my most valued asset in my business building arsenal. With it I have been able to get over mental roadblocks that had kept me tied down for far too long.

The calls are 100% generic in nature so anyone building any company can feel great about tapping into their power and really maximizing their day to day ability to attract.

Here’s the info:

“Morning Mindset Call.”

9am EST/6am PST (in 5 minutes)
712-432-0900 – Access Code: 565762#

If you missed it here is the replay # 712-432-0990
(usually up for about 12 hours)


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