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How To Go From Total Failure To Breaking Through Into The Top 3% | AskJohnChatman.com
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I remember when I was starting out in my home based business career, I had failure to successthe opportunity to have been sponsored by a real superstar who to this very day remains in my personal estimation one of the brightest minds in the industry.

Now the trouble that I experienced at the time with being sponsored by this superstar was that I was there on the frontlines watching him create $80,000 paydays while at the same time I could not sell myself out of a wet paper bag.

Being witness first hand to this type of success while not experiencing any of it my own self really engendered some thoughts of scarcity, jealousy, and discouragement to the point where I eventually quit that business.

Why I Wasn’t Experiencing Success

I didn’t know it at the time but there were several very clear reasons as to why I wasn’t experiencing success and it wasn’t until I addressed those issues did I finally begin to produce the results that have made me a 6 Figure Earner today.

Let me give you the benefit of my own experience in hopes that it can shorten the learning curve for you and your journey to success.

Here are 3 reasons that came to mind which were the cause behind me not experiencing success:

1. I Wasn’t On Purpose: When I was involved with that company I was doing it for the large paydays and not with the intent to provide value to the marketplace.

It was very much a “what’s in it for me” type of attitude that I possessed and because of that my mind was always focused on making a commission and not how could I serve my target market.

This focus on paydays served to push people away from me instead of attract them to me.

2. I Wasn’t Taking the Right Action: The type of marketing that I was implementing was not really suited to the business or the skill sets I possessed.

I had been doing lots of cold calling which if you know anything about that is a living hell. Since I didn’t really enjoy what I was doing the energy that I brought to the table didn’t allow me to connect with anyone and in turn just fed the feelings of dissatisfaction.

3. My Personal Mindset Was Very Weak: This was one of the bigger issues that I dealt with in that my personal mindset was all over the place.

I was still very much a victim of the broken mindset that I had been raised with having spent hundreds if not thousands of days around the table hearing my mom speak about how much we couldn’t afford things and guess what? I brought that same attitude to my business which really didn’t work out all that well being that our price point was $16,000.

How I Broke Through To Success

So you might be asking yourself how did I go from suffering from those issues failure to successand shortcomings to the point where I am today? Where I inspire thousands with my words and am in the top 3% of networkers worldwide.

I adopted several new belief and action patterns that have served me incredibly well and I know they can serve you too:

1. Live And Work On Purpose: I learned that in order to be successful your business has to be about much more than turning a profit.

People are drawn to those that they perceive to have a mission in life. Whereas in my past business experience I was in it to make a commission check in my reality today I have realized that my purpose in life is to inspire and empower others to greater lives of prosperity and freedom.

My focus is not how big of a paycheck can I generate and because it’s not my prosperity continues to increase on a monthly and yes even daily basis.

2. I Take Clear, Focused, And Persistent Action: I now institute action patterns into my business that align with what I like to do and are proven to build a big business.

I have learned how to leverage my time, energy, and intention in such a way that I can now work much shorter hours ( I average 2.5-4 hr work days) while producing results which place me in the top percentage of networkers worldwide.

3. My Mindset Is My #1 Priority And Strength: Out of all of the shifts that I have made to get me to where I am today none has been more important than the focus and development of my personal mindset.

I learned that having a weak mindset opens you up to the lower emotions of fear, envy, and despair while maintaining and cultivating a strong mindset has opened my life to the universal storehouse of Prosperity, Happiness, and Love.

The Missing Link

I was able to make the transition from where I was to where I am today because of the power of the Mastermind Principle.

Because I was diligent in my search for the answer I was able to connect with a group of guys that quite literally changed my life through my association with them.

From the mentor that I met who has taught me how to market online to my mastermind team that have given me the opportunity to enjoy true friendship, camaraderie, and the feeling of finally belonging to a real team.

This was the missing piece of the puzzle that allowed me to bring together all of the past lessons to form the success philosophy that I manifest today.

If you have been looking for either a mentor or a mastermind team to plug into and truly grow on a personal and professional level then I invite you to see what my team and I are bringing to the table by clicking the button below.

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