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What Is Your Internal Thermostat? | AskJohnChatman.com
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The Internal Thermostat as it is sometimes called has a more scientific name which is The Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism (PCM). The PCM’s job is to keep our body and mind in a constant state of comfort.

Why is this important you may ask? The answer to this question is what separates the wealthy from the rest of the population here on earth. I want to ask you a question “Have you ever seen a really great idea on television or on the radio and remarked to yourself that you could have done that”? Well the fact of the matter is that you really could have except that your mind was not in the right place.

I am going to make a pretty bold statement right now so try to stay in tune with me as I bring it back around. The statement is “At this very moment in your life you are exactly where you want to be on a spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical level.”

You might argue with this and say that you don’t really want to have a car that barely runs, or a home that you’re about to lose to foreclosure or even be stuck at whichever level you are stuck at in your business but this is quite actually the truth.

You may not know this on a conscious level but I guarantee that on a subconscious one you are not only aware of this but will take great pains to avoid or sabotage anything  that might disturb the equilibrium you have developed at this low level in life. This is in fact the PCM at work regulating your comfort level.

I want you to take a look at your current circumstances in life as a certain room temperature. This room temperature is let’s say 72 degrees which means that you are comfortable. Now any correction in this room’s temperature is going to cause you to become either too cold or too hot.

Now let’s say that you through no fault of your own trip and fall one day thereby breaking your leg so that in the course of a period of time since you are no longer able to exercise you actually gain about 10 -15 lbs. Let’s say this is a negative so your room temperature dips to 64 degrees.

What are you going to do about this change in temperature? Are you going to sit there in a cold room or are you going to get that room temperature back to where you need it to be so that you are comfortable?

It is my experience that you are going to work towards getting your body back into the shape it was before thereby alleviating the discomfort of a cold room.

Now this may sound like a pretty good deal we still haven’t seen the other side of the coin yet since this principle cuts both ways.

Now we have already established that 72 degrees is quite actually the perfect temperature for you to be comfortable at so what happens when we have an opportunity to better our lot in life by maybe a promotion at the job, a business opportunity, or maybe even a potential relationship with someone you are attracted to?

This potential success in our analogy is going to turn up the heat so to speak and take us into the 78 -80 degree weather. This weather is not within our comfort zone so the subconscious mind which controls 95% of what we do in life is going to work towards getting us back to our comfort zone by sabotaging whichever success or endeavor that we are currently participating in.

If we can accept this analogy as truth then how is it that we are able to change our internal thermostat so that we are comfortable at an elevated temp?

We change our internal thermostat through the process of self development and daily disciplines. The self development process is such that when we are studying this material on a daily basis we begin to understand that there is prosperity, joy, and fellowship all around us at all times.

We  form the core belief that good things are not only going to happen to us they are in fact supposed to happen to us. When something happens in our life that does not serve us rather than expecting it we are in fact surprised by it.

Self development gives us the ability to take life’s little surprises and use them for a greater good. It gives us the empathy and compassion to understand and feel what others are going through without becoming so attached that it affects our own life.

So now the question becomes that if we know we need to become more as individuals to have more, do more, and live more how do we go about obtaining this training?

There are several resources from which to choose from to complete this step in the process which includes CD’s, DVD’s, ebooks, Books, and streaming video.

If we take each of these formats and examine them briefly to see what the advantages and disadvantages of each are:

A) CD’s (compact discs): I personally really liked CD’s prior to the invention and arrival of the MP3 format. Now any and all audio I just place on my iTouch for portability and ease of use.

B) DVD’s: This is a great way to learn some pretty amazing things. I have no problem purchasing information in this format and have it playing on my television in the background rather than the mind killing drivel that passes for quality programming these days.

C) Ebooks: Yet another great way to have a whole library in your hip pocket. The iTouch by Apple makes mobile learning a reality.

D) Paperback Books: Although these are a favorite of mine if you take a look at the statistics that show 95% of Americans don’t read one non-fiction book per year.

D) Streaming video: According to Nielsen ratings online video usage increased by 53% in 2009. I personally enjoy this format the most since I have access to a world class library of self development and business success strategies which I can watch online or on my iTouch.

The trick with this type of training is that over time as you learn and grow your area of comfort which is regulated by the PCM actually shifts to a higher standard of life. In turn your actions that you take on a day to day basis support this new shift and eventually you are in fact more prosperous, healthy, and happy.

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