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It’s Your Duty To Yourself, Your Family, And Your Loved Ones To Get Rich… Here’s How! | AskJohnChatman.com
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How do you feel about wealth? When someone says that it is “Right To Be how to get richRich”.. what is your initial gut reaction? By gauging how you feel about this statement you can really gain insight into what your ability to actually become wealthy is.

Like so many folks out there when I was raised by my parents I had some really screwed up views about wealth passed on to me…

Views like:
-Rich people are greedy
-Rich people got there by cheating others
-Rich people are mean
-Being rich was for other people.. but not us
-I should be satisfied with just having enough

Is it any wonder that I spent the majority of my life just getting by and perpetually in debt??

I mean really think about it… most folks want to be rich right? Yet, when others bring up the subject of wealth a lot of people have negative viewpoints on it.

The thing to remember is that our subconscious will not allow us to manifest something in our life if we have an internal negative association to.

You can’t become wealthy while at the same time secretly despising the rich.

It just doesn’t work that way.

A New View On Wealth

So then how was I able to switch up my internal wealth thermostat to the point where I rocked out last month with over $13,000 in income you might ask??

Well the key to that is adopting new beliefs….

The way that it works is that:

1. You adopt the BELIEF patterns of those who possess that which you desire in life

2. Which then causes you to implement different ACTION patterns in your life

3. Which in turn allows you to manifest different RESULTS

Belief >>>>>>>>>Action>>>>>>>Results……

That’s how it rocks.

So how do you adopt PROVEN belief patterns???

There’s lots of different ways to accomplish this but one thing they all have in common is REPETITION.

It’s only through daily repetition that we can reprogram our subconscious mind to a certain course of action.

In my blog post “Secrets of A $100k Per Month Earner” I go into the daily action patterns of those individuals who generate more than $100,000 per month in their business. I highly recommend you read it and then implement the training given.

Part of that training involves listening to empowering audios on a daily basis and for that the best resource that I have been able to find is the “Inner Circle Membership” offered by Empower Network.

The Inner Circle is Empower Network’s Self Development product which gives you access to today’s most powerful online marketing leaders.

These are cats who generate between $30,000 to $500,000 PER MONTH in income.

Inner Circle Belief Patterns

Now why is it important to listen to these types of leaders????

It’s because if you can understand how a leader thinks and believes you can then adopt their thinking and belief patterns into your life… and your business.

I can tell you that since I EMPTIED MY CUP…. and dropped the ego.. and put everything I thought I knew (which was keeping me broke) in my back pocket and instead just adopted the belief pattern that if I could understand and mimic the strategies, beliefs, and thought patterns of top producers that my life would become exponentially better…..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IT DID.

So The Key To Wealth Is???

What I have found on a personal basis is that there are several different ways someone can become wealthy which include…

-Hit the lottery
-Fail your way to the top
-Take advice and counsel from someone who has already done it

Now I don’t know about you but since I don’t play the lottery there’s zero chance of me becoming wealthy in that manner and since I would rather shorten the wealth curve by decades I think the best way out of the three is obviously to learn from those who have already generated the results that I wish to possess in my life.

If you feel the same way and are tired of being broke… of being stuck in your business or your life.. then it’s time for you to TAKE ACTION (wealthy people take immediate action upon seeing the truth) and gain access to the Inner Circle by picking up your Empower Network Membership.

You can do so by clicking the button below… reviewing the video presentation.. and getting started today:

How to explode your income
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