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Secrets Of A $100k Per Month Earner | AskJohnChatman.com
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100k per month earnerWhat is it that makes a $100k per month earner tick? What is it that separates them apart from the millions of folks around the world who are building their own network marketing business but yet aren’t even achieving the initial $1,000 per month mark?

How are they able to squeeze out such incredible results with the same amount of time that someone else uses to produce next to nothing??

A Core Ingredient In The $100k Per Month Recipe

There are several ways that the average $100k Per Month Earner differentiates from the masses but in today’s blog post I am going to discuss one of the most important ones that can be easily implemented by anyone looking to create massive success in their life.

One of the things that I love most about the network marketing industry is the incredible diversity that is represented within its ranks.

We have people engaging in home based business from all over the earth with different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs but there is one thing that is shared by every $100k per month earner that I have ever met or have ever known about.

This core difference is that they implement a daily schedule of things they require to have done before the end of the day is out and this plan of action is usually decided upon the day before or even several days before it was due to be implemented.

How this is different from what everyone else does is that most folks don’t know what they are going to be doing during the time allotted to build their business.

They have no definite plan of action and because of this they usually end up wasting a great majority of their productive time engaged in non-income producing activities.

I know that on a personal basis when I took it upon myself to implement the core principles of six figure per month earner my results changed dramatically.

My total online income went from $2,750 in December of 2012 to earning over $13,000 in April of 2013.

The Core Daily Commitments of a $100k Per Month Earner

So what are these core commitments that $100k Per Month Earners have in common? I can tell you from the people I have read, the ones I have personally spoken to, and the training resources I have access to that they include the following activities:

  •  Read daily
  •  Market daily
  •  Email list daily
  •  Email team daily
  •  Listen to empowering audios daily
  •  Blog daily
  •  Workout daily

These are the simple steps to building an empire that I have been taught and which I strive to put into action in my life.

The great thing about them is that they not only bring financial prosperity but physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity as well.

The Next Step

There’s more detailed information to each part of the process but that will have to wait for another blog post or training but for the time being the most important take away from this article is to review the list given above and then decide how to implement each part of the process into a daily routine that you can complete before going to bed each night.

If you can discipline yourself to complete these each day before resting for the day religiously you will quite literally be able to write your ticket to a lifestyle that most others will only dream about in their wildest imaginations.

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