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The 5 P’s In Choosing A Multi Level Marketing Company That’s Right For You | AskJohnChatman.com
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Choosing the right multi level marketing company can be quite confusing evenmulti level marketing company for the best marketers. There are literally hundreds of network marketing opportunities to choose from and then to make matters worse you have to make sure that the one you pick isn’t a pyramid scheme as well.

In today’s blog post I am going to give you some criteria that will help you avoid any pyramid schemes while giving you full faith and confidence in the mlm marketing opportunity you choose.

The 5 P’s Of Evaluating A Multi Level Marketing Company

People: Without a doubt in my personal estimation one of the most important considerations when evaluating a multi level marketing company is who runs it.
Who’s the owner? Do they have experience in the industry or are they just looking to make a quick buck? Where is their heart at? Are they going to cut and run at the first sign of trouble? What is their intention in starting the company? Are they just looking to cash out at the first opportunity and sell it to a corporate giant or are they looking to build a legacy?

Passion & Product: The next step in evaluating a multi level marketing company is whether or not you can get passionate about what it is that they represent. What types of products do they have to offer the market? Are these products something that you have a personal affinity for or are you in it just for the money?

I can tell you that if you are developing your network marketing strategy around a compensation plan you are going to lose. The mlm opportunity you choose to rock with has to be something that inspires you to take action on a daily basis. It has to be something that you can see positively affecting the lives of others in a major way. This is the only way others will see passion in you and be attracted to it.

Position: The next consideration for choosing your network marketing business is to objectively evaluate where the multi level marketing company is in the overall marketplace and in its own growth curve.

Has the company been around for years without any real growth but has great stability? Is it brand new and firing as fast as it can to keep up with the growth but there are doubts that the company has the capitalization necessary to last?Is it approaching the momentum phase in its growth where everything is flowing fast and without a hitch ready to explode on an exponential basis?

Getting into a company at the right time versus the wrong time can mean the difference between making $5,000 and $50,000 per month with the same amount of personal effort.

Pay Plan: The next crucial piece of the puzzle to finding the right network marketing opportunity that is going to be a fit for you is to consider how much you get paid for the amount of work you put in.

While finding a network marketing company with kick butt products, people, and that you have a passion for is crucial to your success the last point can’t be stressed enough.

network marketing companyIf it takes 5,000 people on your team to earn a $5,000 per month check from the company how motivating is that going to be to you? I would venture to guess…. not very.

Most mlm companies pay out anywhere from 20%-40% of the revenue that is generated by the sales force which leaves 60%-80% of the revenue in the hands of the company which can be very discouraging to the average representative since they are the ones out on the front line making it happen every day (as a side note I actually found a company that pays out 100% commissions).

So you want to make sure that you are definitely receiving 100% of the commission that your efforts are generating.

This is the difference of making ten $100 sales and earning $200-$400 in commission and earning $1,000 for the same amount of work.
That’s a pretty significant difference wouldn’t you say?

Partners: The last piece of the puzzle is who are your partners in the business? What have they accomplished? What types of systems will you have access to? Are there team exclusive resources that will cause you to be more attractive as a sponsor to your prospects?

Choosing your sponsor can be the most crucial step in this equation. As a matter of fact for additional information on this subject you can read my Why Should You Shop For A Network Marketing Sponsor? article.

Choosing A Multi Level Marketing Company Conclusion

hope this guide to how to properly evaluate a multi level marketing company has been of service to you.

There’s a wonderful opportunity to create online network marketing success if you choose carefully and then take fast consistent action to manifest your dreams.

To Your Massive Success!

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