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Think And Grow Rich Challenge ~ 90 Days To Change Your Life | AskJohnChatman.com
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Today is an incredible day in that we just started to study the book Think And think and grow richGrow Rich by Napoleon Hill on my morning mindset mastermind call. If you don’t already know about Think And Grow Rich you are going to be in a for a real treat in that you are about to discover a book that has the power to quite literally change your life.

This book is highly regarded by most influential leaders as one of the top 5 books of our time. It’s power to transform lives is very well documented and I can personally attest to it.

As a matter of fact please review this video to understand what this Think And Grow Rich Challenge is truly about:

Think And Grow Rich Challenge Resources

Think And Grow Rich Ebook

Here’s an ebook copy of the actual book itself. What I like to do is read it with my adobe PDF reader so that I can mark up the text with various colors so that sections stand out against the rest of the text.
Click here to download

Major Definite Purpose

This is a download of my personal and current Major Definite Purpose statement. You can modify as you see fit to meet your goals.

The proper use of this document is for you to recite it in full once in the morning and once before you go to bed. By repeating it twice daily you will embed the commands into your subconscious mind which will then go to work on your behalf to manifest them in your life.
Click here to download

Think And Grow Rich Morning Mastermind Call

Here is the contact information to join us on our morning mastermind call which is 100% free to attend and participate in. I cannot stress to you enough just how big of a difference this call can make in your life if you engage in it.
We meet each weekday morning (M-F) at:

9:00 AM EST,
8:00 AM CST,
7:00 AM MST,
6:00 AM PST

Join us by dialing in to:

(LIVE CALL) 712-432-0900
(RECORDED CALL) 712-432-0990
Access Code 565762#

Prosperity Team FAQ’s Page

This is my personal wealth creation vehicle. It along with the Think And Grow Rich call have taken me from a multiple time loser in the home based business industry to the point where I earn in excess of $72,000 on an annual basis from the comfort of my own home without ever having to call a prospect.

This is the actual FAQ’s page to see just what exactly you will have access to as part of our team:


In Closing

To summarize this blog post I would just like to say that the next 90 days can be absolutely transformative in your life if you allow them to be and put in the work necessary to make them so.

Our Think And Grow Rich Mastermind Calls are a recruitment free zone so please don’t worry about being pitched anything other than soulful real guidance to create the life of your dreams.


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