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Why Some People Take Massive Action And Others Don’t… | AskJohnChatman.com
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One of the things that has always fascinated me is the question:

“Why do some people make it and other don’t?”

Seriously… it’s something that has garnered serious attention from me because you can have two people with the same skill sets and potential and yet one creates an empire while the other one spends all day dreaming and posting about what “could be” if they only took action.

The impact of this question hit me on on a personal basis back at the end of December 2012. Up until that point my biggest month in Online Marketing had been $2,850 up which at first glance may seem to be pretty ok right?

Well… that really depends on which way you are looking at it since within 90 from that point I was going to lose my severance pay that I had been receiving up to that point for being laid off from my corporate job after 4.5 years.

You see $2,850 might be something in a little town in Idaho or somewhere else in the country but in Northern California you just can’t raise 3 kids and a household on it.

With my back up against the wall my focus became extremely.. incredibly.. CRYSTAL CLEAR.. and I went to work.

The end result was that on March 30, 2013 I was capping off my first $10,000 month in this industry.

What was the difference that TRIPLED MY INCOME in a 90 day period of time when I could never break the $2,900 barrier before?

I could personally tell you… but than you wouldn’t benefit as much from discovering it yourself as you watch this training:

In my personal estimation this is one of the greatest videos ever made that deals with the Laws of Success and Personal Achievement.

I watch it at least once per month to remind me of what I need to do in order to get to where I want to go in life.

I can’t stress to you enough just how important this video is to your success.

Keep rockin,


John “Blaze” Chatman

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