Why Some People Take Massive Action And Others Don’t…

One of the things that has always fascinated me is the question: “Why do some people make it and other don’t?” Seriously… it’s something that has garnered serious attention from me because you can have two people with the same skill sets and potential and yet one creates an empire while the other one spends…

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the value you bring

Employee vs Entrepreneurs… How They Make Money.

It’s an interesting thing in that when you’re an employee in the 9-5 work world 8 to 9 times out of 10 you are paid for the number of hours you put into the job. This mindset unfortunately follows a lot of folks when they are looking to transition from the corporate world to the…

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how to live an exceptional life

How To Live An Exceptional Life – Jim Rohn Wisdom

The first time I ever heard Jim Rohn’s voice it was 3:00 am in a cold storage warehouse where I was trying my best to not allow my sweat to freeze on my face. I was a Cold Storage Warehouse Order Picker and quite truthfully the job absolutely sucked.

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will i have enough to retire

Will I have enough to retire? Turning 40 thinking about 65…

Will I have enough to retire? That’s a question everyone has to ask themselves at one time or another… especially when we start hitting our 40’s. I was speaking with one of my childhood friend’s that’s turning the big 4-0 (40) on 9/29 and the discussion veered from birthday’s to careers and then on to…

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wun mentor program

WUN Mentor Program – What Is It & Why This Changes The Network Marketing Game Forever!

You may have heard about the WUN Mentor Program and then again you may also have been living under a rock somewhere in the Sahara desert.. hahaha, whichever the case this blog post is going to give you all the information you need to know about the new WakeUpNow WUN Mentor Program that has just…

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